About Us
Bill Celnick formed Starlight Productions in 1991, and, like most wedding studios, quite by accident. Unlike other studios, Bill's motivation was driven by a love of history - family history, and a desire to tell a story. His premise from the start was that if he could have a video of his grandparents weddings, what would he like to see. He felt it should have allot of romance, and showcase allot of people, while at the same time, being entertaining, emotional, and also serving to document the moment in time.

The wedding industry has changed much since 1991, and keeping up with the technology has been continual. What has not changed is the magic of the emotions that come forth on a wedding day, and whether we call ourselves cinematographers, videographers, or anything else, preserving those moments with their emotions is what we do.

Starlight Wedding Films is the new name for our wedding work while Starlight Productions remains active with other types of event and corporate work.

Aside from Bill, the Starlight team includes Brian Raap, Jon Cervone-Richards, and Barbara Celnick.

We're located in the Sugar Loaf - Warwick part of Orange County, and serve the Hudson Valley and neighboring regions.