Do I need a 2nd Videographer?

A Guide to Your Package Choice

image Key Differences between a 1 and 2 shooters....

Our Basic Package - 1 Videographer is an excellent video, comprehensive in detail, and a good choice for those seeking documentation (and much more) at a reasonable price point. For those looking to take a bit more from their day, here are some things to consider....


Groom's Preps

A second shooter allows for concurrent coverage of Bride's and Groom's Preps.

Expanded Ceremony Coverage

A second shooter at your ceremony allows us to offer additional perspectives which usually means more reaction shots, and more close-ups, resulting in a more intimate result.

The image on the right would be the shot from a "Basic" package - the "Basic Plus or Standard would provide both.

Expanded Reception Coverage

Certain moments are enhanced by a 2nd perspective - such as your grand entrance and toasts. A second perspective again allows for more close-ups and reactions, as well as providing mcuh more footage to use when crafting the final film.

Additional Reasons

With the Basic Package it is a crew of one, meaning that all time spent setting up and breaking down is done by the shooter. Less time is spent shooting as a result.

Overall, more angles, and more footage means more details captured, and a richer final result.

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