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What are your prices?
We offer different levels of service at different price points. We're not shy about listing our prices as they can be found throughout this site

How well will you work with my photographer?
We believe that your other vendors will be our teammates on your day, whether we've worked together many times or never. Most wedding professionals have a similar ethic.

Will you be an obtrusive presence with bright lights?
Our presence is low key, not an "in-your-face" style. More than one bride has comented that she barely knew we were there.

What equipment do you use?
Our equipment mix is always changing, but we have a wide range of professional cameras including mirrorless, DSLRS and traditonal video cameras. For audio we use a combination of wireless microphones, and pocket-sized audio recorders with lavaliere mics. Additionally we use tripods and monopods for camera support, and LED camera lights as needed.

What will I actually receive from you?
  • With 7 days of the wedding you will receive a short preview (most of the videos on this site are previews)
  • This will be followed by a feature film - the length of which varies from wedding to wedding and by your preferences
  • You will receive a combination of a USB flash drive, DVD and Blu-Ray

  • Do I get the raw footage?
    Understand that it is just that - raw, but yes. We have an archival upgrade offer for $100 in which you get a USB 3 external hard drive that includes all the raw footage as well as the edits. This allows any video editors in the family access to your footage exaclty as it was shot, should it be wanted for any future projects.

    Are you insured?
    Yes - We carry Business Liability as well as Workers Comp, and will gladly provide a COI to your venue if required.

    I really like your work, but what if your packages don't fit my needs or budget?
    We realize there are unique situations that come up from time to time - let's talk...

    What are your payment terms / billing practices?
    We take a non-refundable $200 deposit with contract, then the remainder of the package price is split into 2 installments - half is due 7 days before the wedding, the other half on final delivery.

    Are there any other fees or taxes we should be aware of?
    We are obligated by New York State law to assess sales tax for any sale within New York State. Travel fees are not normally assessed within our home area unless there is significant expense associated with the day, such as parking fees. Travel fees are assessed for destination weddings